Making a Motorcycle Oil Tank

This posting will give you some tips and tricks to help you make your own custom oil tank using one of our weld together kits. Much of the info shown can apply to making just about any oil tank for your custom motorcycle.

Pictured above would be what would arrive to your door if you ordered a “F’ Bomb Oil Tank Kit from BUNGKING.COM.  This kit gives you just about everything you need to make your custom oil tank.

You should start by cleaning all the surfaces that are to be welded with Scotchbrite or a wire wheel to remove any surface rust and with acetone to remove any oily residue left from the manufacturing process.  Then, align one endcap and tack it into place leaving the other side open (we like to weld on the second endcap at the very end of the process that way you can clean out any metal debris that could make it into your engine after completion.

After the endcap is tacked, fully weld the one side. You can finish sanding the weld now or wait until later.   Take your time welding if you are working with thin material this can cause warpage in any flat panels. We make our endcaps from 14ga steel so warpage is rarely an issue.

You can install the three fittings for the feed, vent, and return lines two differant ways.  The way we are showing you is in order to keep all the lines at the bottom of the tank so they are more hidden using internal tubes to direct the oil.  You can also just weld in the return and vent fittings in the top of the tank, but the fittings coming out of the tank will be more visable.   Shown we have welded 3/8 tubing to the ends of two of our 1/8″ NPT bungs to direct the oil to the correct spot internally.

Next, find the locations you would like the bungs to be installed and drill 5/8 dia holes in the oil tank shell and weld the bungs in place.  Shown is the relationship of the tubes internally in the tank.  The feed is at the very bottom so that it is always supplied with oil.  The vent tube should go to the top of the tank where there will be an air gap and it will not be submerged in oil. The return line should be at  the top of the tank and directed away from the feed. This ensures the hot oil to mix with the cold before it is fed back into the motor.

Next, add the filler cap to your desired location and clean the inside of the tank.  You can now weld on the other endcap and finish all of your welds.  Now set the tank in the chassis and decide how you would like to mount it.  Shown below is the tank we made mounted in a rigid sporty chassis.

After all your mounts are welded on, be sure to pressure test the tank so there will be no surprises after it gets painted, chromed, or powdercoated.  The kits we sell are made of 14ga steel and stand up to lots of abuse and vibration for reduced chances of cracks or leaks forming over time.

We also offer similar oil tank kits with many different styles of  endcaps, most are also available in either 5″ or 6″ Diameters.     Checkout the Bungking site link to purchase some of these products

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